Covid 19 and your Visa

Many people where concerned about their visa, as well as the health in March and April, with no official announcements, their was crowding in many immigration offices around Thailand. The result of this was for the Government to offer a visa Amnesty. This was then extended until July 31st. It relates to the following;

Visa Extensions

90 day reports

Border pass’s

The confusion caused, has been due to the fact immigration have stayed open and continued to process all types of visa extension and 90 day reporting.

So this now leaves many people with the question should they carry on as normal or wait until July? At Assist Thai Visa Services we are aware of the constant changes to rules and regulations. Therefore when it comes to your visa it is our advice that you 100% extend as normal.

For 90 day reports after contacting immigration we have suspended reporting for our clients until June 15th, after which we will restart.

We have had a lot of clients seek a more cautious approach and requested we report as normal which we are more than happy to do.

Our only caveat to the above statement is if you are in a very high risk group and do not wish to attend the Immigration then that is a personal choice, and we would always suggest you put your health and safety above your visa.

Come July there will be a lot of questions to answer about how Immigration will deal with a full re-opening, Chiang Mai has taken measures to ensure social distancing as well as putting into place procedures to cope with large volumes of people. So we will see how effective this is.

Once flights resume (hopefully June 1st), we will start to see the first cases of people who lost their visas due to not being able to return to Thailand. The current rules have given a grace period of 1 year. However we are not sure how this will be implemented yet. Once we have processed one of these cases we will update everyone.

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