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Property law in Thailand can be confusing, there are certain things you should always do when considering buying or renting in Chiang Mai.

• Always have a lease agreement and make sure you understand what you are signing
• If you are purchasing a condo make sure you have checked all the paperwork
• If you are purchasing a house make sure you know about the ways available to lease the land it sits on.
• If you are buying in someone else’s name make sure you have a contact between you.

In Chiang Mai it is possible to buy or rent a house or condo, but before you do please come in to talk to us so we can explain the law to you and make sure you are not making a mistake.

We have seen many people buy and rent property without representation and have either lost money or the entire property due to not realizing what they where getting into.

How we can help you buy or rent property in Chiang Mai

• We have experienced lawyers that can draft contracts
• We have legal representatives that can take you to the land office to register property in your name
• We can advise on your property either rental or purchase in Chiang Mai
• We have accomplished hundreds of property transfers and leases and know what to look for

For any property needs you have in Chiang Mai at Assist Thai Visa we can help. If you want more information please contact us

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