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Tourist visas for the UK (Apply in Chiang Mai)

If you want to take a Thai friend, partner or a Thai girlfriend back to the UK we can help get the UK tourist visa here in Chiang Mai. We have experience in obtaining the UK tourist visas here in Chiang Mai, and are happy to guide you through the process. We will prepare all paperwork in order to give you the best chance of success. Despite many adverts online there is no magic way to obtain the UK tourist visa, they assess each application on its own individual merits. We will always give an honest opinion on your chances.

The UK tourist visa can be difficult, and so why not come to our visa office in Chiang Mai and let us process the tourist visa here! There is no need for a trip to Bangkok!

Why should you use us?

Honest assessment of your UK tourist visa application chances

Knowledgeable about the process and what’s required

All documents related to the UK tourist visa application taken care of

The process for the UK tourist visa application completed in Chiang Mai

Friendly English speaking Thai and Native English staff to guide you through the process.

Contact us today at our visa office in Chiang Mai and see how we can help.


Tourist Visa for Australians (apply in Chiang Mai).

Many people want to take their Thai partner or even friends to visit Australia. This can be achieved by applying for an Australian tourist visa here in Chiang Mai. The Australian tourist visa has several requirements, and we can ensure you are in the best position in order to obtain the visa. We will always assess your chances of obtaining a tourist visa for Australia first, and this can all be done at our visa office in Chiang Mai.

Reasons to use us.

Our staff will look after you throughout the whole process from start to finish

We will help you with all documents required to apply for an Australian tourist visa

We have always been successful in our applications for Thais to travel to Australia

All work for the tourist visa for Australia can be done in Chiang Mai

We have both native English and Thai staff to make sure nothing is confusing!


For more information come to our visa office in Chiang Mai and see how we can help!


USA Tourist Visas (applied at the USA Consulate Chiang Mai)

The USA tourist visa can be very difficult to obtain. We can make this process a lot more simple and manageable, and take the stress out of it. The application for the US tourist visa is done in Chiang Mai, the reasons are normally as follows,

You are a US national and wish to take your partner/friend/girlfriend back to the USA to visit family and require a USA tourist visa for the trip.

You are a Thai national that wishes to visit the US for the purposes of tourism and are from Chiang Mai or northern Thailand.

You are a national of another country and are traveling to the US and wish to take a Thai with you for the trip.

The US has some of the strictest visa requirements of any country and so the task can seem daunting when first applying. We would be able to help you will all paperwork in relation to the US tourist visa, and make sure you knew they whole process from start to finish.

The good news is the US tourist visa can be completed in Chiang Mai, so there’s no need to travel to Bangkok. As long as you meet their requirements you have a good chance of obtaining the visa.

We feel we are very qualified to help with these applications as not only have we made and successfully obtained many visas, we also have Thai staff that have lived in the US for 10 years and went through the whole visa process. They are ready and available to help and can explain to the Thai national while our native US staff will be happy to explain to you!


For more information on the visas available come to see us at our visa office in Chiang Mai.

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