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90 Day Reporting Visa Chiang Mai

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The 90 day report procedure is for any foreigner in Chiang Mai on a long stay visa. This is a visa which has been extensioned at the local Chiang Mai immigration office. The 90 day report as you can imagine, needs to be completed every 90 days. The date it is counted from is the last date you entered into Thailand. Therefore if your 90 day is June on January 5th but you leave on the 4th, then no report is needed. Your next 90 day report will be due 90 days from your arrival date into Thailand.

A common mistake people make is believing there 1 year extension of stay counts as a 90 day report. This is not the case. If your visa is due on the 1st of December and your 90 day on the 20th, you would need to extend the visa before the 1st and then file or 90day report on or before the 20th. Unfortunately this would be two trips to the immigration office in Chiang Mai. The second mistake is confusing the 90 day stamp for your visa expiry date. This can lead to a 20,000 baht fine and under the current rules loss of visa and possible black listing. To avoid these issues Assist Thai Visa keeps all clients up to date with their 90 day report and visa expiry, through emails, calls and sms. We will take the hassle out of the 90 day reporting and make sure you are never late!

In Chiang Mai 90 day reporting is done at the Immigration office just before Chiang Mai international airport. Su Thep, Mueang Chiang Mai District, Chiang Mai 50200 Phone: 053 282 289

At Assist Thai Visa we are happy to handle your year reporting obligations and will personally go to immigration to get the 90day report placed in your passport.
If you do not wish to go in person you can complete by mail and online. Although this process works sometimes other times there can be issues and as it’s a 2000-5000 baht fine for late reporting we always recommend you go in person to the Chiang Mai immigration or come to our offices.

Below are some quick facts about 90 day reports.
1. They have to be filed 90 days from your arrival into Thailand
2. You can report up to 15days early but no later than 7days after the dare stamped on the slip
3. The 90 day report and visa are completely separate this means your 90 day report can be good until March with you visa expiring in February.
4. 90 day reports and be completed in person, online, or by mail.
5. 90 day reports are filed at the Chiang Mai immigration office at the Promenada shopping mall.

A link to the rules from immigration on 90day reports;

TM30s Chiang Mai immigration issues.

For many people in Chiang Mai TM30s are completely new. This is because although an old law (section 38 of the 1979 immigration act) to be precise, the law has not been enforced.

This has now changed and the reasons for the change do not really matter. What matters is ensuring that you meet the immigration requirements to be able to extend your visa in Chiang Mai. The following will be a brief explantion of the TM30 and what do to if you are living in Chiang Mai and need to file the form at the Chiang Mai immigration.

1. A TM30 form is filed by the owner or landlord of the property where a foreigner is staying, this must be done within 24 hours of their arrival.
2. The TM30 can be submitted at the chiang mai immigration by the airport in person, or it can be done online.
3. If you are staying in a hotel or managed building like a condo (rented from the condo not a private landlord) Then the building will complete the TM30 for you and you wont need to worry.
4. If you are renting from a private landlord, you must ask them to go to file the TM30 on your behalf.
5. If you are living with a Thai partner in their house, then they must go to immigration to notify them where you are staying.

The main questions that we have had are as follows;
I cannot contact my landlord in Chiang Mai as they live in another province, what can I do?
In this case you should take the details of the property and landlord, which you should have attached to your lease agreement and go to the immigration personally. If you explain to the officers the situation they will be able to help. Many landlords will not understand this new requirement or understand why you are asking for it. Added to this if they do not speak English it will be harder. At Assist Thai Visa we will be happy to contact your landlord and explain what is required as well as help in any way we can in order to obtain your TM30.

A link to the rules from immigration on TM30 Rules

As ever we are always happy to help and answer questions for anyone with visa issues in Chiang Mai. Its normally easy to come to our offices with your passport and lease and we can then see how we can help.

Assist Thai visa is Chiang Mai’s leading visa service provider

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    Get assistance on a huge range of issues

    Whatever your needs, contact us today to arrange an appointment or a telephone chat.