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We Also Offer Accounting & Business Services To Our Chiang Mai Clients

Many people that come to Chiang Mai are not only interested in visas but also setting up or running a company here. At Assist Thai Visa we have set up and currently run 100s of businesses. Our accountancy department takes care of their monthly and yearly taxes. We tie this into the Visa and work permit Departments to make sure your business can run smoothly.

We can set up a Company Limited or a Limited Partnership and ensure you meet all the regulations for running a company in Thailand. We will be able to give you straight answers to your questions, and because of our experience ensure you are getting the right advice for your business.

Chiang Mai has many business opportunities but sometimes people are put off from misinformation online. We will not only ensure your company is 100% legal, but are also happy to help and offer advice in your chosen area.

We have completed;

  • Vat Registration
  • Yearly Audits
  • Balance Sheets
  • Work Permits
  • Company Valuations
  • Share Holder Transfers
  • Share Structure changes
  • Removals of Directors
  • Company Formations
  • License applications

And many more.

Make sure when it comes to your business nothing is lost in translation and you have the right advice for your company in Chiang Mai!

Assist Thai visa is Chiang Mai’s leading visa service provider

Get assistance on a huge range of issues

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