Work Permits & Business Visas In Chiang Mai

Business Visas and Work Permits in Chiang Mai

Although I have listed these together, they are two separate things and should not be confused. By this I mean just because you have a business visa does not mean you can work. The same goes for a work permit, just having one does not mean you can do anything in Thailand. We will look at the specifics below.

Obtaining a Business Visa in Chiang Mai

In order to acquire a Non Immigrant B visa, you will need an offer of employment from a Thai Registered Company. The most common way people do this is to have the relevant documents sent to the client and they apply for a single entry Non Immigrant B at their nearest Thai embassy or consulate.

Items to Consider When Applying for a Business Visa

  • A non Immigrant B gives you no right to work, but it does give you the right to apply for a work permit as long as you meet the requirement.
  • To obtain a work permit the company that employs you must have a minimum capital of 2 million Baht (in most cases) we can then help process the work permit for you.
  • Once you have a work permit and the visa, we can then extension that visa for 1 year. The requirements would be that you have 4 Thai staff and all taxes paid related to them, yourself and your company.

The reason this section lacks detail is that it is very easy to list all the requirements as some sites do, but when it comes to setting up a company or obtaining a work permit and business visa, it is really worth coming in for a consultation about the process. For many people, it is not the right course of action for them to take, and for others they should do it, but have been left confused by the requirements and the changes in the law.

How We Can Help Get Your Business Visa & Work Permit In Chiang Mai

We can set up a company, obtain you a business visa and process your work permit. We offer a one stop service, but we also make sure we tailor the company and the process to your needs. Having worked in Chiang Mai with many clients, we can ensure you don’t make any mistakes and don’t waste any time or money. When it comes to this work, I would recommend you use a professional company to avoid headaches later on (such as being stuck in Penang with wrong documentation!).

For any queries regarding Work Permits in Chiang Mai, Business Visas, or Company formation, please contact us and we will get back to you quickly!

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    Get assistance on a huge range of issues

    Whatever your needs, contact us today to arrange an appointment or a telephone chat.