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We Can Handle Your Re-Entry Permit in Chiang Mai

If you wish to leave the country and already have a 1 year visa you will need to make a re entry permit. You have two choices given to you by immigration;

  1. Single re-entry permit: This is as it sounds a 1 time re entry permit that is good for 1 exit and re entry. The government fee for this is 1000 baht. You are not limited to how many you add to your passport but if you add more than 3 per year you are better off with the second option.
  2. Multiple re -entry permit: This enables you to leave and re enter as many times as you like for the duration of your visa. A multi re entry follows the date of your visa, so if you re enter after your visa expires you will still lose your visa even if you have the re entry permit.

We offer this service when we obtain you your visa, and also if something unexpected comes up and you need a re-entry permit just come to see us and we can process it within 1 day.

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